About Us

In the beginning

Violet Meadow Farm began shortly after we brought our first Irish Jack Russell puppy over from Ireland in 1998. Since then we have received the accolades of hundreds our IrishJack owners and have introduced a completely new idea of dog breeding in the USA.

Jack Russel pictureThe IrishJack Story

Around 1997, Susan Sarao, the owner of VMF, owned a retail store in Ridgewood , NJ and already had Jade. She was always on the prowl looking for another “shortie” Jack Russell like Jade. She had a tip that most Jack Russells from Ireland look like Jade.


After two weeks of trampling around the Irish countryside, on the last day of her puppy finding trip she was desperate to find an Irish Jack Russell puppy breeder. In a small town, outside of Athenry, County Galway Susan got a tip to try a pet shop in town. She was greeted by a colorful shop owner who said he knew of a breeder outside of town and he agreed to call her.

Susan went to out to this breeder and found just what she was looking for! A caring breeder with great classic Irish Jack Russells! She adopted a puppy, called him Harrison and came home the next day.

The Rest was History


Jade and Harrison were always at Susan’s store, helping with the customers. They had created many Jack Russell admirers and Susan was always being asked to find more of these amazing dogs. Several months after Susan brought Harrison home, our breeder in Ireland said she had a litter of six puppies that needed homes. This was our first litter of Jack Russells that we imported to the USA!

With our second litter we posted a classified ad in New Jersey’s Star Ledger and made a one page website. Since then we have become world famous for our calm, healthy and smart dogs. And one of the leading Jack Russell websites on the Internet.

The IrishJack and VMF Names

Our farm in Hunterdon County, NJ, is named Violet Meadow Farm in honor of Susan’s first Jack Russell, Violet.

As our business grew our clients started calling their Irish Jack Russell Terriers “IrishJacks.” We heard this more and more often until we, too, adopted the IrishJack name as the name of our breed of Jack Russell puppies.


The IrishJack family has grown to all fifty states and to over thirty countries all around the world. Some of our clients have had many litters of puppies from their own IrishJacks. Day by day more people discover the amazing IrishJack and the story keeps spreading. Over three million people visited our website last year including our clients who visit us everyday (You know who you are! :)).

IrishJacks is still located at our home and farm in New Jersey and will continue to bring our client the most amazing IrishJacks in the world!

How We get Our Puppies

We believe that it is the breeding (genetics) and upbringing of our pups that makes them uniquely special, giving them their inherent good health and wonderful dispositions. We also believe that all animals should and deserve to live a life that is as natural as we can possibly provide. This is why, for example, even though we run the risk of (very expensive!) injuries just from a quick romp in the paddock, we still will turn our expensive show horses out into a field so that they each can ‘be a horse’, not just an equine machine that performs to our needs. They are horses; they need to run, buck and play as horses do… not all people do this and that’s OK but, it is not OK for us.

Likewise we raise our pups in a dog’s most natural environment current to date: with their people and with their families (their pack). You see, in Ireland, we do not have a ‘breeding kennel’ with, say, 20, 30, 40 maybe 50 kennels and cages housing ‘breeding bitches’ because this is their job and it is what they do for us. NO! Even though this is common practice amongst good, reputable breeders and can be done most impeccably and with the highest integrity, it simply is not within our belief system to do it that way.

Our philosophy is different…

Therefore, what we have done, over the years now, is create, what you would basically call, a network of families that, under the supervision of our breeder in Ireland, breed their pet dogs (yes, these dogs are and live like pets, not like production machines) and home-raise our puppies for us. Everyone simply lives like family. Pups are born in kitchens, barns and family rooms near the peat-burning fireplace sometimes even under a thatched roof! They live, grow and play amongst kids and dogs and goats and horses and chickens and cats and sheep and, and, and (you get the point)!!!

Our pups run, jump, play and explore everything: over things, under things, up, down and around things. They are out and about, being puppies – out in their world, not in a cage. They are handled and played with and, well, just imagine if you had a litter born right in your kitchen – could you keep your hands off those babies?! Would you not put them outside in the sunshine? Would you not indulge yourself in simply watching them play for endless hours outside in the grass? Of course, you would! and you would wind up with well-tempered, well-socialized, well-balanced, healthy pups- just like we do. So, this is how we can raise and provide perfect pups for many people: we have many people. There is no need to over-breed female dogs. Who would do that to their precious pet? Not here… Of course, the stud dogs readily volunteer to be over-bred! LOL! Just ask the Famous ELVIS!!