Are Dogs Colorblind? Let us discuss

This is a question that many have been asking and I believe that this is one of the question that many people have been asking as well. Are dogs able to distinguish colors? I believe that this is a hard question for both of you and me but I have a little insight regarding whether dogs are color blind or not. The first question that you need to ask your self is whether dogs can be able to select things based on colors. If you have a dog back at home, you can always feel free to do some experiment but let’s see if dogs can differentiate colors.

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Dogs are not color blind basically because of various reasons. The first reason is that they are attracted to more than dull colors. In other words, you dog can be able to distinguish between dull and bright colors. Dogs tend to get attracted to bright colors such as yellow, blue and violet. The reason behind this phenomenon is that dogs have a low perception ability as compared to human beings. Human beings on the other hand can be able to see a wide spectrum of colors than dogs. But this does not conclude the idea that dogs are color blind.

Dogs are partially color blind. Just like some human beings are color blind to some specific colors such as green, dogs also lack green cones. From the insights shared by some pet specialists, they have expressed the idea that dogs can be able to see dull and some bright colors. For instance, from an experiment performed, it was concluded that when an orange was thrown away and a dog coaxed to retrieve it, it was seen that dogs can easily spot yellow ones quickly than dull colors as long as the ability to sniff is withheld.

If you have been wondering whether dogs are color blind or not, then you are now in a position to now tell if dogs are color blind by just observing them with various colors. Dogs can also see shades but they mostly combine their abilities to sniff together with partial ability to distinguish between colors. It is common for people to doubt this basically because various dogs behave differently when exposed to different colors. If this idea is not conclusive, then you are always welcome to do first hand experiments on your own just to make sure that you get the right answer for yourself.