Classic Irish Roots

From the JRTCA:

“Jack Russell Terriers are a type of working terrier; they are not pure bred in the sense that they have a broad genetic make-up,a broad standard, and do not breed true to type. This is a result of having been bred strictly for hunting since their beginning in the early 1800′s, and their preservation as a working breed since. The broad standard, varied genetic background based on years of restricted inbreeding and wide outcrossing, and great variety of size and type,are the major characteristics that make this strain of terrier known as a Jack Russell such a unique,versatile working terrier. ”

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“The Jack Russell Terrier takes it name from the Reverend John Russell who bred one of the finest strains of terriers for working fox in Devonshire, England in the mid-to-late 1800′s. Rev. Russell(1795-1883), apart from his church activities, had a passion for foxhunting and the breeding of fox hunting dogs; he is also said to be a rather flamboyant character, probably accounting for his strain of terrier’s notability and the name of our terrier today.

From the Wikipedia:

“The Jack Russell Terrier is a type of small, principly white-bodied, terrier that has its origins in fox hunting. The name “Jack Russell” has been used to describe a wide array of small white terriers, but is now most commonly used to describe a working terrier.

“A Jack Russell Terrier is not the same as a Parson Russell Terrier which is a breed recently created by narrowing the Jack Russell standard. The Parson Russell Terrier is principly a show dog, and israrely found in the hunt field.

“The Jack Russell Terrier is also not the same thing as an Australian Jack Russell Terrier or Russell Terrier, which are dogs first brought into the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 2000 and the United Kennel Club in 2001, and which are maintained under a different breed standard and which are described are being dogs developed in Australia out of dogs that originated in England.

It continues…

“Small white fox-working terriers were first bred by the Reverend John Russell, a parson and hunting enthusiast born in 1795. In his last year of university at Oxford he bought a small white and tan terrier bitch called Trump from the milk man. Trump was purchased based upon appearance alone. (Burns, 2005) She was the basis for a breeding program to develop a terrier with high stamina for the hunt as well as the courage and formation to chase out foxes that had gone to ground,but without the aggressiveness that would result in physical harm to the fox, which would have ended the chase, and so was considered unsporting. The line of terriers developed by John Russell was well respected for these qualities and his dogs were often taken on by hunt enthusiasts.

“It is unlikely, however, that any dogs alive today are descended from Trump, as Russell was forced to sell all of his dogs on more than one occasion because of financial difficulty, and had only four aged (and non-breeding) terriers left when he died in 1883. (Burns, 2005)

The terriers from this murky history of John Russells’ time have only been preserved in a few places in the world. Ireland being one of the few…

The development of the IrishJack

The Jack Russell followed the British to Northern Europe, Australia and the Americas.

In the states the Jack became the narrowly defined Parson Russell Terrier, most suited for hunting and keeping up with a a horse all day, and less suited for the home. Since the acceptance of the Parson Russell into the AKC, many enthusiasts of the working dog have said the quality is declining due to show-ring standardization and inbreeding.

The original lines of the small working terriers were preserved most in the homes and farms of Western Ireland. The Jack Russell terrier that we now have at IrishJacks has been bread for countless generations to be the perfect companion.

Where our puppies come from

We work specifically with one breeder in County Galway, Ireland. She has been breeding Jack Russells for over thirty five years. She has become the hub of our Ireland farm.

Through her years of experience with breeding Jack Russell Terriers and working in the communities of the untouched lines in the Irish countryside she has selected the best Jack Russells for our breeding program.

Her responsibility is to ensure the highest quality puppies by selecting the best breedings.

Each litter is raised by the breeding dog’s family so all of our puppies have the best care throughout their puppyhood.

When a litter of puppies come to the age where they can safely make the flight to the US our breeder collects the puppies from their first parents and sends them to us.

In over eight years of business we have come to know the great temperament and consistency of the Irish Jack Russell Terrier.

Our Breeding Program

The goal of our breeding program is to make the best, healthy family companion.

Our Jacks are bred primarily for the best combination of health and temperament.

These Jack Russells are hardy, intelligent and adorably cute, capable of handling themselves in work, travel and family life.

Our broad physical standard, focus on intelligence and a varied genetic background based on years of restricted inbreeding and wide outcrossing, and great variety of size and type,are the major characteristics that make this strain of terrier known as an Irish Jack Russell Terrier such a unique,versatile companion.

Our Farm in Ireland

The farm is located in County Galway in the western part of Ireland. The pictures actually do little justice to the natural and raw beauty of this area.Part of the farm used to be an old estate and has many buildings and ruins dating back to the early 1700 and 1800′s.

All of the puppies here are allowed to roam free on the farm with the older dogs and can be seen playing with the sheep and goats. The Jacks also play with the children on the farm and the frequent visitors from the neighboring farms.

This is one reason why our Irish Jack Russells have excellent temperaments and are great with young children and other pets.