Do Dogs Get Pink Eye

Just like humans, dogs do contract pink eyes and this is basically called conjunctivitis. Pink eyes are caused by irritation and it is basically as a result of inflammation of the blood vessels within the eye. Conjunctivitis is a condition that sometimes becomes a burden both to dogs and even human beings.

Red eyes in dogs are cause by bacterial infections that are viral in nature. Sometimes, red eyes are caused by allergies. Are you aware that dogs may develop allergies whenever they get exposed to allergens such as dust, mist and even moisture? Have you ever wondered why your dog has pink eyes? If so then let’s have a look at possible signs of pink eyes.

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How will you know that your dog has pink eyes?

The first way and the most simple of all to tell whether your dog has developed pink eyes is basically when the white section of the eyes suddenly turns pink. When an eye turns pink, it will tell you that your dog has a problem related to allergies but sometimes, pink eyes can be as a result of other external injuries. Allergies are the main causes of pink eyes but there are instances when your dog will get into a fight with other dogs and get its eye injured. An injury of your dog’s eye is however different basically because you there will pink one pink eye and not two.

The second source of pink eyes in dogs is caused by change of environment. For instance if you change your dog’s climate from dry and hot to moist and cold, then there are high chances that your dog will start having red eye problems both in short and in the long run. It is therefore important to consider preparing your dog for new environments before translocation it.
Some of the common symptoms of red eyes.

There are a number of common symptoms that can tell you that your dog has red eyes. These include redness and swelling of eyes, sneezing, constant rubbing of eyes, and discharge from the nose, pus like discharge from the eyes, frequent blinking and coughing. If you can closely examine these symptoms, you will realize that they are closely related to those that are vivid as far as human red eyes are concerned. This condition is treatable in as much as it is true that dogs contacts red eyes.