Do Dogs Have Nightmares – The signs you need to watch for

This is one of the question that most people who don’t have dogs at their possession may ask all the time. If you have a dog or let’s say a puppy, then you will certainly agree with me in the fact that dogs do have nightmares just like human beings and even some of the animals. With that idea in mind, puppies do have nightmares and you can observe this while they are resting and sleeping heavily. Some dogs are heavy sleepers and you can always get an opportunity to observe them and hear them snarl or make some funny noises. With that idea at hand, it is true that dogs do have nightmares.

Signs that your dog is having nightmares

There are a number of behaviors your dog can present with and that will be enough to tell you that they are having a nightmare. The first behavior is barking while sleeping heavily. I am sure that you have observed this at one point in time with your dog.

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Some types of dogs such as Dalmatians will bark while sleeping and this occurs especially when the dog had been previously exposed to some sort of dangers or terror. For instance, if your dog had confronted a wolf and even a leopard a day before sending your dog to being terrified, then this behavior will certainly be observed in their dreams. If this the case, then it is enough to conclude that they are experiencing a nightmare.

Secondly, your dog can also plunge into the world of nightmares if he/she is sick. Sickness especially those related to the cerebral will send your dog into constant nightmares. When your dog is sick and the sickness has affected some sections of the brain, the dog will tend to remember some of the experiences which will be turned into nightmares. Whenever your dog is sick, you will notice that it can even bark or snarl for not specific reason.

Thirdly, the other source of dog nightmares might be as a result of previous trauma or abusive past. Some dogs especially those that were once stray dogs may experience nightmares not because they want to but because they have a haunting memory of the past. This will make your dog bark loudly, be aggressive and even shake to show that something is a bother to them. Some dogs can even mistake a red cloth with danger and may have nightmares of it.