Lifelong Health

Taking note of the following points will help you keep your little Irish Jack Russell Terrier treasure healthy and happy for many years to come.

1. See your Vet

Your puppy will come with a health certificate detailing its vaccination and worming history. Your vet will advise you on the series of boosters, etc. that your pup will need. Make sure that your vet notes the shots that your puppy has already received.

2. Keep your pup on a check-up schedule

Your veterinarian will discuss yearly vaccinations, worming, heart worm preventative, flea & tick preventative, etc. Find a good vet — follow their advice but don’t be afraid to get a second opinion and do your own research.


First of all, Jack Russell Terriers MUST be trained in order to be pleasant additions to the family.Secondly, constant and consistent training provide the mental stimulation a Jack needs. The bond that develops through training is priceless. Learn from a professional training school how to train your dog.

» see trainability.

4. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

These are high-energy little dogs.If they do not have the opportunity to expend this energy in a healthy, positive way, then- you are in for trouble.Don’t raise a neurotic dog, it is cruel and unfair.

5.Take your Jack Russell with you wherever you go


And when ever you can.Our Jack Russells are well-known at our bank, post office, local shops/restaurants, by the mailman, UPS man, meter maid,etc. The more stimulating the environment, the better it will be for your Jack Russell Terrier.

6.A good balanced diet

A good diet will make your puppy fit and trim along with keeping your little Jack happy and shiny.

»See nutrition

7.Treat your Jack like a dog, love it like a child!

You are guaranteed the purchase of a healthy Irish Jack Russell puppy.

We ask you to guarantee that you will provide a safe,loving and caring home for your Jack Russell Terrier.