We feed our Irish Jacks Russells a variety of wholesome foods. Listed below is the food your puppy will be used to eating.

Eukanuba Small  Breed  Puppy

This is the foundation of our puppy food at our farm.We use Eukanuba because of its exceptional quality and availability worldwide. You can feed this alone to your dog if you choose.

Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health

This amazing food is made from the finest organic and all natural human consumption ingredients and is a major element in our dogs great health.

Its grains and vegetables mix with fresh meat (we use turkey, pork or beef) and can be a complete diet alone.

Dogs always over eat, it does not matter how much training or the breed. That is why you should always invest in a top rated automatic dog feeder if you are away from your pooch.

Table Scraps

Yes! Table scraps and human food. We feed our guyschicken, beef,rice, eggs, yogurt, or any other of your yummy add-ins. Stay away from foods humans shouldn’t eat either! Just like humans a potato chip once in a while is a good thing. A whole bag is another idea altogether…

This varies the diet and helps the coat become nice and shiny.After a few days you will know how much to feed them, portion wise.If in doubt, read the bag!We feed our crew of 4 Jacks (and the puppies) this same way and it is great to vary the diet and they love it, too! You can give them chicken, beef,rice, omelets, veggies,cheese (singles are a great treat) and of course the favorite junk dog treats –Pupperoni!

And remember no poultry bones ever!


We leave a small bowl of this dry food out all the time for our adult dogs. We have found that most Jack Russell Terriers tend not to overeat.

Otherwise we feed our Jack Russell puppies three times a day. Usually 9am, 2pm and the 7pm. This is a schedule that works for us here at the farm. You will have to determine what schedule that works for you and your pup, because feeding determines bathroom schedule!

Remember: Leave a water dish out and accessible at all times.