As with all breeds, our Irish Jack Russell Terriers require discipline and training.

Our Jacks are extremely intelligent, we highly recommend that you take your puppy to basic obedience class or puppy kindergarten as soon as you pick him/her up from us.

They thrive on training and it really makes a wonderful difference in quality of the relationship you will have with your Jack.

A dog that is trained fluently with sit, stay and come will provide you with a dog that can easly go anywhere in any situation. After those commands are learned, advanced training is great for fun, exercise and the thrill for both of you showing off your favorite tricks!

We only recommend that highly trained Jacks be allowed off leash, as our Jade, Cryssie, and Elvis are now, after years of diligent and on-going training!

Below are emails from our owners about their training experiences with our Irish Jack Russell Terriers:


Hi, I hope all is well with you and the dogs. You asked me a while back to write a little something about obedience and agility training and how it has affected Kylie and I. So I thought I’d wait till Kylie was a year old and I could tell you about our first year together. Kylie turned one on Oct. 16, 2003. In our first year a lot of things about Kylie have changed, she started out as this high energy ball of lovable fur, with floppy ears. As the weeks and months went on, she lost some of the puppy fluff and her ears started to stand up, well at least the left one. We started obedience, puppy preschool, at about 41/2 months, as an outlet for all that energy, and for socialization. Kylie took to the reward based training right away, and she really enjoyed the playtime with the other pups. She was the smallest puppy in the class, but she had no problem with the much larger puppies, from labs to pitbulls, to a Belgian Shepherd. We took this class at our local Petsmart. She finished the class and graduated with no real problems, other than being a little exuberant.

I found a basic obedience class advertised in a local paper, and I signed Kylie up at about 8 months old. It was better than the preschool class because it was at a private home where there was much more space, and lots less distraction. This is about when I really started to notice that Kylie was getting much closer to me. She had gotten so much cuddlier, and calm. She really did well in the class, toward the end of the class our instructor introduced agility jumps for fun and to see if anyone would be interested in continuing with her agility classes. Kylie absolutely fell in love with jumping. She just automatically knew the command for jump, and we immediately signed up for the class. Agility became our new focus, and every new thing that Kylie learned, we became closer and that human/dog bond got stronger. Although again she was the smallest in the class, she had no problem clearing 8 and 12 in jumps.

We are still practicing our obstacles and she will do a beginners course (no weave poles) off lead. Next year we will start competition at the local trials. The JRTCA has beginners on lead classes, so that’s where we will start. She just seems so happy when she’s running the course. I can’t say enough about how “higher education” has helped make Kylie a great little dog. She love the attention she gets when I work with her alone away from my other dogs, and that makes her want to work for me. The agility work has been a great outlet for excess energy and as you will see in her picture I’m sending, she has a great time. Also the training keeps Kylie and me in better shape. I would highly recommend obedience or agility training to everyone even if just for the socialization it provides, Kylie is great with other dogs and I attribute that to her classes. In this first year Kylie has really grown into a great little dog, and what a lovebug she is. I couldn’t be happier with her.

At first I wasn’t sure that Irish Jacks were really a more “laid back Jack”, but as she has grown up I see that she really is a calmer less nervous/anxious dog than my other Jack, Lilly. Kylie is now enrolled in advanced obedience and I’m sure she’ll be great. I also wanted to tell you that we were at the JRTCA National Trial this October, and Kylie took 5th in Puppy Lure Coursing on the Friday, It was her first Ribbon. Shorties also took some ribbons in agility and racing over the standard size dogs. I hope that this is something you can use, feel free to edit any of it if you want, I really am not very good at writing.


Hello Susan,

It’s been long since last time I wrote you and lot of new things happened. Pinto and Luna are doing great. Luna is now grown up dog. She has one ear up and she has light brown markings. She more lively than Pitno, I didn’t think that it would be possible. People here in Croatia are simply crazy for them.They are attending agility school here in Zagreb, Luna is in the beginner class while Pinto is an expert. Last Saturday he won his first international competition.

He was first among other dogs from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. I must say that it brings me a lot of joy to practice agility with them. It looks like agility is in their nature, like if they were born for it. It is funny how they know when we are going for the practice, they start to bark and jump all over me when I start to pack my things and put them in the car. Clever little dogs they simply love to practice.

It looks to me that Luna is going to be even better than Pinto she is quicker and fast learner.

As promised I’m sending you some pictures from last Saturday.

Sam just finished his basic training and had a “graduation”. I have attached a couple of pictures for you to see. He is growing nicely and is still the best dog in the world (to me, of course)! We are just about to leave on a 2 1/2 week vacation out west, so I’m sure I’ll have some cuter pictures from our trip. I am going to start doing some informal agility training with Sam in August at the Bloomingdale animal shelter society.

The trainer’s name is Vince Rambala. He uses positive training techniques and is very good with both pets and people. He was the trainer that we took basic training with and the classes were very reasonably priced (for future reference –, in case you have a client that is looking. I hope all is well with you, send Nicole my regards.